End Propaganda Meetings at Le Merigot! Call (310) 395-9700.


On October 25, employees of the J.W. Marrriott Le Merigot Hotel confronted their managers and alleged that the hotel has violated wage and hour laws. 

Standing with Santa Monica Mayor Tony Vasquez and immediate past mayor and Councilmember Kevin McKeown—as well as community and clergy allies—the workers announced that they filed for an election to unionize and will vote about joining in union to improve conditions at work.

Then the hotel required workers go to anti-union meetings.

Le Merigot employees and community leaders protested the meetings as anti-democratic and biased and on November 1, General Manager Kai Beumer said the meetings would not be mandatory.

But management has again called for mandatory small group meetings. Management is demanding employees come to these meetings with union-busting MPI Consulting, even on their days off.

Le Merigot employees can decide for themselves how they want to vote in a democratic election.

Call General Manager Kai Beumer at (310) 395-9700 at tell him to end propaganda meetings!