About the Janus Decision




Union with Largest Right-to-Work Affiliate Calls on Labor to Seize on Janus Outcome as Organizing Catalyst

Washington, DC - The decision of the U.S. Supreme Court today on Janus v. AFSCME rigs the system like never before against working-class families and sets America up for an explosion of the most economic inequality since the Gilded Age. At a time when it is clear that corporate elites will stop at nothing to divide America, UNITE HERE is recommitting to the unity-building worker organizing needed to shift the power dynamics of this country back into the hands of the working class and allow all families an opportunity to live the American dream.

“Today, an activist court ruled against the American people and our shared value of freedom and in favor of wealthy corporations,” said D. Taylor, international president of UNITE HERE, a private-sector union representing hospitality workers and a key ally of the four largest public sector unions: AFSCME, AFT, NEA, and SEIU. “This decision robs power from working families to put it in the hands of corporate elites. Let us allow it to serve as a catalyst to the labor movement for bolder, stronger worker organizing. This ruling is designed to break American workers by putting unfair burdens on us that the corporate elites think we cannot beat—but together we can let it embolden us to organize to greater heights than we have ever before and deliver the tangible victories that transform workers’ lives.”

Although “right-to-work” laws and court decisions like Janus are designed to take power from workers and give it to the bosses, UNITE HERE has charted a pathway to winning in states with these unfair laws and represents the largest union in a right-to-work state—the 60,000-member Culinary Union in Las Vegas, Nevada. UNITE HERE will continue to stand with all working people, fighting to help them win a voice at work and the wage and benefit standards they can sustain their families on.