UNITE HERE Local 11 stands with immigrant workers

Today, as US District Judge Andrew Hanen in Texas declined to issue a temporary injunction against DACA renewals, he also hinted that he’ll rule against DACA’s constitutionality in three weeks.  UNITE HERE Local 11 leadership continues to stand with its members who have DACA and keep up the fight, regardless of his eventual ruling.

“One thing we can agree on with Judge Hanen: we need Congress to take action and resolve the legal limbo that DACA recipients find themselves in,” said Ada Briceño, co-president of UNITE HERE Local 11.  “It isn’t right to change the rules every few months for people who’ve been contributing to the US almost all of their lives.”

Bevonnie Bailey is a member of Local 11 and a DACA recipient. “It’s stressful to go through these legal battles, not knowing what will happen to me and my US-born children. We need to be prepared for the next challenge, and the next challenge. I can’t trust that judges are going to get it right; I need to continue to fight for myself and my family.”