BREAKING NEWS: 06/21/2022

Los Angeles City Council Votes to Adopt UNITE HERE Local 11’s Groundbreaking Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance

Los Angeles will be one of the nation’s first to require daily room cleaning, panic buttons, and fair compensation for heavy workloads

Los Angeles – Today, the Los Angeles City Council voted to adopt the Hotel Worker Protection Initiative, heeding the call of more than 100,000 Angelenos who signed on to the measure. The law provides:

  • Automatic daily room cleaning throughout the industry
  • Panic buttons and other security measures to protect hotel housekeepers from sexual assault and threatening conduct
  • Fair compensation for heavy workloads
  • Expansion of minimum wage law for hotel workers

By adopting the initiative, the Council will make the initiative an ordinance, avoiding an expensive and divisive general election campaign in November. The ordinance will make Los Angeles one of the nation’s first cities to require daily room cleaning.

The housekeeping measure comes in response to the hotel industry’s attempt to cut labor costs and increase workloads by eliminating daily room cleaning during the pandemic. It also provides vital protections against sexual assault for housekeepers while cleaning guest rooms.

“The city stood with me and thousands of hotel workers by passing a right to return law in June 2020.” said Martha Moran, a laid off housekeeper from the storied Chateau Marmont. “Now, the council has once again chosen to do what is right for thousands of housekeepers in Los Angeles by voting to  adopt protections like panic buttons, automatic daily room cleaning, and fair pay for heavy workloads.”

“Angelenos, and now our city’s leadership, have shown the hospitality industry that they stand with the thousands of hardworking hotel workers whose labor has built our prosperous tourist economy.  Today marks the moment when this so-called economic recovery pivots from CEO greed to worker needs.  We are at long last on the road to rebuild an economy rooted in fairness and dignity. ” said Kurt Petersen, co-president of UNITE HERE Local 11.

While much of the ordinance law mirrors protections hotel workers have secured in Long Beach, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Glendale, the Los Angeles law also breaks new ground in the region by requiring automatic daily room cleaning of hotel rooms.  A final hearing on the ordinance is scheduled next week.