Chateau Marmont Unlawfully Surveilled Its Laid-Off Workers at Protests, Finds Federal Labor Board Investigation 

Press Release: 01/10/2021

Chateau Marmont Unlawfully Surveilled Its Laid-Off Workers at Protests, Finds Federal Labor Board Investigation 

As Hotel Agrees to a Settlement, Workers File Second Unfair Labor Practice Charge Against Hollywood Hotel

Los Angeles, CA. Following an investigation of an unfair labor practice charge, a regional office of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has required the Chateau Marmont to commit to refraining from interfering with workers’ right to organize a union as part of a settlement agreement.

In July 2021, UNITE HERE Local 11, the union supporting laid-off Chateau Marmont workers, filed the charge with NLRB Region 31, alleging that multiple managers and other personnel of the hotel, including Managing Director Amanda Grandinetti, unlawfully filmed and photographed the lawful demonstrations of laid-off workers.

“I gave 33 years of my life to the Chateau Marmont and never once did I feel seen or heard. Yet the moment my coworkers and I began to speak out, the hotel started watching us. I am glad that the federal government has sided with us and recognized our rights to organize,” said housekeeper Martha Moran.

After interviewing workers and reviewing witnesses’ photographs and videos, among other steps, the Los Angeles office of the NLRB found evidence to support the workers’ charge.  Avoiding a formal complaint and hearing, the company entered into a settlement requiring that the Chateau Marmont commit to respect workers’ federal labor rights and refrain from engaging in unlawful surveillance or other acts that interfere with workers’ rights.

On the heels of the settlement, the union has filed another charge with the NLRB, alleging the hotel has recently committed several more violations of federal labor law in response to its workers’ ongoing organizing efforts, including unlawfully questioning a worker about her union sympathies and unlawfully soliciting worker grievances.

Background: The Chateau Marmont has been embroiled in controversy amid two lawsuits by black women workers alleging harrasment and discrimination and a growing boycott backed by Aaron Sorkin, Alfonso Cuaron, Gabrielle Union, Issa Rae, Jane Fonda, and productions like Being the Ricardos and The Offer.