The Hospitality Training Academy

The Hospitality Training Academy (HTA) provides a variety of workforce development, apprenticeship and training programs to train low income, marginalized individuals for jobs in the hospitality industry. The HTA provides top-quality, up-skill vocational training to current union employees as well as a variety of workforce development, apprenticeship, vocational ESL and training programs to clients seeking employment in the hospitality and food service industry.

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Serving Our Community delivers safe, healthy, high-quality meals to Southern Californians affected by the COVID-19 crisis; helps reinvigorate one of our region’s largest industries – hospitality/leisure/tourism/ food service; and ensures that thousands of workers are back doing what they love, while earning a living wage and full family health care benefits critical in this public health crisis.

Experienced food service workers at leading Southern California hospitality employers can create meals for any budget, scale, and dietary preference. The HTA is ready to train the workers for the highest level of safety and sanitation so they can prepare and distribute healthy, high-quality meals to those affected by the pandemic.

Procuring relief meals through the Serving Our Community program ensures that meals are safely prepared by experienced professionals in large industrial kitchens that allow for compliance with CDC and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidelines regarding physical distancing, disinfection, and cleanliness. At the same time, the program helps reinvigorate one of our region’s largest industries.

Hospitality Training Academy Class of 2019

Kayla Wilson