Legal Fund

In many Local 11 contracts, workers have negotiated a benefit designed to provide some legal services free of charge. Through an employer contribution, workers and their dependents can receive free assistance with immigration services, housing issues, divorce, adoption and other services. There are no deductibles or co-payments, and there are no limitations on covered services.

What services are provided?

Consumer matters (advice with creditors, small claims actions)
Social Security benefits
Personal bankruptcy
Real estate matters
Landlord–tenant disputes (rent increases, rent control, eviction)
Criminal misdemeanors
Family law
Immigration (consultation, work permit renewal I-765, green card renewal or replacement, citizenship application, consular processing, affidavit of support I-864, visas, legalization, asylum, DACA, etc.)
Power of Attorney
Notary services
Miscellaneous services (power of attorney, notary, translation of immigration documents, etc.)
Court costs and filling fees

How do I consult an attorney?
Contact Ms. Veronica Aguilar at the offices of Hadsell, Stormer & Renick LLP by calling (626) 773 3214 to arrange an appointment. Be sure to identify yourself as a participant in the legal fund of UNITE HERE Local 11.

Contact: Hadsell, Stormer & Renick LLP

250 E. 1st St., Suite 1201
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 785-6999
Office hours:
Monday – Friday
9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Legal Fund Notice

Effective April 1, 2021:

To All Local 11 Members Employed at a Legal Fund Participating Workplace:

Members who currently meet eligibility requirements will continue to receive all Legal Fund  Services as described in the Summary Plan Description (“SPD”), which can be found here.

The SPD also describes the requirements for Eligibility.  

Members who were eligible in February of 2020 and worked at least 60 hours in February of  2020 or later, but who do not currently have continuing eligibility based on 60 hours per month  of work in Covered Employment (“Previously Eligible”), will continue to receive the “Essential  Legal Services” identified in the attached List of Essential Legal Services.    

To find out if you are currently eligible, or if you are a Previously Eligible member (based on  your previous eligibility at any time since February 2020), you can contact the Funds  Administrative Office at (562) 463-5020.    

If you are Previously Eligible and work enough hours in the future to meet the Eligibility  Requirements in the SPD, you will be entitled at that time to all Legal Services described in the  SPD.  

If you have engaged Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai, LLP (“HSR&D”) as your attorney to provide  a covered service as described in the SPD, HSR&D will complete those services regardless of  whether you are currently eligible.  

You can set an appointment with HSR&D by calling 213 785-6999, Monday thru Friday between  the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  



I. Consumer Matters  General Consultations
Pro Per Answers to Civil and small claims actions
Claim of Exemption to Wage Garnishment
II. Social Security Benefits General Consultations and Advice
Advice and Assistance on Requests for Survivor Benefits
Advice and Assistance on Transfers of Qualified Earnings 
Advice and Assistance on Social Security Benefits (SSI)  Benefits, not including representation at hearings
III. Personal Bankruptcy General Consultation and Advice
Preparation and Filing of Chapter 7, Voluntary Petitions for  Bankruptcy, for persons unable to pay their creditors and  seeking to discharge debt where a collection lawsuit has been  filed or where wage garnishment has been ordered. 
Preparation for and representation at 341(a) Meetings of  Creditors following filing of Chapter 7 Voluntary Petition  where a collection lawsuit has been filed or where wage  garnishment has been ordered. 
IV. Real Estate Matters  General consultation and advice regarding the purchase of an  owner-occupied home.
Review of escrow documents, property profiles and other  papers in relation to the purchase of an owner-occupied home.
Advice only on quitclaim deeds and joint tenant deeds. 
V. Landlord Tenant  Consultation, advice and assistance on tenant and housing issues, including rent increases, rent control, health and safety,  and security deposits.
Advice and assistance on 3 day notices to pay rent or quit or 3  day notices to perform or quit; also, 30 day and 60 day notices.
Advice and assistance on obtaining repairs to units
Advice and assistance in obtaining return of security deposits.
Answers to Unlawful Detainer complaints (eviction actions),  with trial representation only in meritorious cases.
VI. Wills & Trusts  (Estate Planning) Advance Health Care Directive for Participant and Spouse
Powers of Attorney for Participant and Spouse
VI. Criminal Misdemeanors General consultation and advice
Assistance in plea negotiations only
VII. Immigration  Immigration Consultation
Work Permit Renewal, I-765.
Interim Work Permit, available when work permit application  is pending more than 90 days
Green card renewal/replacement, 1-90.
Removal of Conditional Status on Legal Permanent Residency,  I-751.
Temporary Protected. Status (TPS), I-821.
Advance Parole Application, to request permission to reenter  the U. S. after travel abroad.
General Consultation and assistance in completing and filing  Renewals for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services  Deferred Action Program (“DACA”)
VIII. Miscellaneous  Services Complete Notary Service for notarizing signatures on  documents.
Authorization Letters.
Translation of documents used in immigration processing, such  as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate,  Death Certificate.
IX. Court Costs and  Filings Fees The Plan covers one-half of Court Costs, Filing Fees, and  Service Fees. The Plan does not cover the costs of personal or foreign service of process, credit reports or credit counseling  classes required in connection with a Bankruptcy filing.

The following legal services are not covered by the Plan.  

  1. Any matter in dispute involving an Employer or Union or agent or employee  of the Union or Employer; or this Fund, UNITE HERE Health, or the Los Angeles  Hotel- Restaurant Employer-Union Retirement Fund, or the Trustees, agents and  employees of such Funds. 
  2. Legal services to a Dependent adverse to the interest of the Employee. This  may include closing an existing open case if a conflict arises. 
  3. Court fines and judgments. 
  4. Any fees associated with the purchase of homes, including escrow fees,  closing, title insurance, title search, or similar costs. 
  5. Any matter involving a trade or business or otherwise involving property or  activities for the production of income. 
  6. Parking tickets. 
  7. Matters involving Driving Under the Influence (DUI). 
  8. Frivolous or Non-meritorious claims or defenses. 
  9. Appeals. 
  10. Contingency fee cases. 
  11. Class actions. 
  12. Any debt collection defense under $750.00. 
  13. Felony charges or dispositions. 
  14. Representation of members who are Landlords in a Landlord-Tenant  Dispute. 
  15. Any contested dissolution of marriage (divorce). A contested dissolution  (divorce) is where the parties (husband and wife) are not in agreement as to the  divorce, custody issues, or the distribution of property. 
  16. Patent or Copyright matters. 
  17. Any bankruptcy involving a trade or business or otherwise involving  property or activities for the production of income. 
  18. Drafting of living trusts or other probate documents or matters.
  19. Any matter not specifically covered under the List of Essential Services  above. 
  20. Consultations regarding services not covered by the Plan. 21. Representation outside the County in which the Employer resides.  

The Legal Fund Of Hotel And Restaurant Employees Of Los Angeles has no liability for the conduct of any participating Attorney. The firm of Hadsell Stormer  Renick & Dai, LLP is responsible for all services provided through its law offices.