Dufry Hudson Group Concession Workers at Ontario Airport on Strike!

Ontario, CA: Employees allege that agents of the company “have unlawfully interrogated workers about union activities; surveilled union activists; and threatened to discipline and retaliate against workers should they strike with the Union” after workers unanimously voted on August 15 to authorize a strike.
“My niece was one of the employees that management threatened,” said Nida Austria, a cashier. “We deserve to be treated with respect and not threatened. We work hard, and for minimum wage. When we stand up and demand better, Dufry Hudson Group management threatens our jobs. That’s not right.”
Ontario Dufry Hudson Group airport workers join other UNITE HERE Local 11 members on strike in hotels across Los Angeles and Orange counties. Just last week, Local 11 members at Areas at LAX airport and workers at SSP America at Phoenix Sky Harbor voted overwhelmingly to authorize strikes if needed to settle their contracts as well.
“Workers have reached their breaking point,” said Susan Minato, Co-President of UNITE HERE Local 11. “The travel and tourism industry exploited the pandemic and continues to rake in profits while their workers, the ones who actually make all this possible, are left living paycheck to paycheck. And when workers stand up for their fair share, companies violate their labor rights. The industry must pay workers a living wage and treat them with the respect they deserve.”
Dufry AG is based in Switzerland and employs almost 36,000 people in over 65 countries. Hudson Group was completely purchased by Dufry in August 2020. It is one of the largest travel retailers in North America.