Hotel Workers Stage “Occupy” Action at Sheraton Gateway and Four Points Sheraton LAX

Los Angeles—As the Christmas Holiday approaches, hundreds of room attendants, cooks, dishwashers, and community allies will occupy the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles and Four Points Sheraton by LAX . The action will run day and night, as participants plan to camp on sidewalks overnight in order to demand wage increases that accommodate the skyrocketing cost of living in Los Angeles.

Workers across Los Angeles hotels have been in an ongoing labor dispute with hotel employers since July, fighting for better wages and working conditions in what has become the largest hotel worker strike in modern history. The workers’ primary contract goals include wage increases to keep pace with the soaring cost of housing in Los Angeles, quality and affordable health insurance, a pension to retire with dignity, and humane workloads.

Workers’ wages at Century Blvd hotels are significantly lower than those at hotels in Downtown LA. Moreover, Four Points by Sheraton LAX was one of the hotels involved in the recent scandal of migrant exploitation, in which unhoused refugees have alleged that they were exploited while working as replacement workers during recent hotel strikes. District Attorney George Gascon announced in October that his office, working jointly with the California Labor Commissioner, would be conducting a joint investigation.

Los Angeles will be the first city in modern history to host back-to-back the FIFA World Cup in 2026 and the Olympics in 2028. In recent decades, in country after country, mega events of this sort have left local governments indebted for years and have permanently displaced millions of poor residents. UNITE HERE Local 11 is calling on the industry and political leadership to use the events to create family sustaining jobs and help solve the housing crisis.