While Laid-off Workers Struggle to Survive, Corporate Giant HMS Host Seeks Millions in Extra COVID-19 Aid

Los Angeles, CA: Dozens of laid off airport workers protested outside the offices of concessions giant HMS Host Friday, claiming the company is past due on money it owes to its workers.

After delivering a “past due notice,” workers caravanned to the district offices of all fifteen L.A city councilmembers to urge them to reject a lease and rent reduction package for HMS Host currently awaiting the council’s vote.

Workers filed complaints with the City in 2019, alleging a failure to pay the applicable minimum wage to HMS Host workers. Workers have not received any payments to compensate them for the alleged minimum wage violations which are estimated to total more than $100,000.

Last week, the airport’s governing board, LAWA, approved a financial package for HMS Host and other companies worth millions of dollars. To be eligible for relief, concessionaires must be in compliance with all City ordinances. Workers assert that HMS Host’s failure to pay the unpaid wages as alleged in the workers’ complaints—despite reportedly being sent notices from the City to address the issue—makes them ineligible for relief.

HMS Host is the largest operator of airport concessions in North America and at LAX. Its parent company, Autogrill, is owned by a family of Italian multi-billionaires whose holding corporation had assets valued at $13.8 billion last year.  Autogrill is reportedly negotiating an aid package with the Italian government worth over $350 million.

 The majority of HMS Host workers at LAX have been laid off since March; the workers are over 90% people of color, over 20% Black, and primarily live in the communities hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.