You’ve heard a lot about negotiations while workers are out on strike. Now that we are back to bargaining, we, the union committee, want to update you on where we agree and disagree with the company. The status of negotiations is always changing, so confirm the latest details with your committee person or organizer!


  • In talking to other workers and gathering data, the union committee has uncovered allegations of unacceptable disparities in pay along racial lines. Workers and the union have filed complaints with the EEOC and the City of Phoenix concerning these pay disparities, as well as complaints concerning alleged discrimination on the basis of age and sex, and customer harassment related race and sexual orientation.
  • To solve these problems, the union committee proposed that our new contract add stronger protections against discrimination and initiate a task force on increasing diversity.
  • The union committee also proposed a fair process for promotion that includes clearly posting and sharing open positions for 5 days to prevent “tap-on-the-shoulder” promotions.
  • The company has REJECTED all of these proposals.

Fair use of technology

  • The company has already implemented new technology that has cut into tip income of servers.
  • The company has NOT AGREED to auto-gratuity.

Retiring with dignity

  • The union committee proposed the company pay 20 cents per hour you work into the same pension fund as Local 11 HMS Host workers at LAX have.
  • The company has REJECTED this proposal

Free legal support

  • The union committee proposed the company pay 10 cents per hour you work into a legal fund that gives you free access to highly-skilled lawyers who can help resolve family custody issues, adoptions, wills, bankruptcies, and immigration cases. Learn more by visiting
  • The company has NOT AGREED to this proposal

Livable wages and fair raises

  • The company and the union committee have not agreed on wages and raises.
  • The union committee will not agree to the company’s raise proposals without also agreeing on more affordable health insurance costs.

Affordable family health insurance

  • Under the union committee’s proposal, workers would pay half of what the company proposes for health insurance in 2023.
  • This chart shows how much money the union committee’s proposal would save you by the end of 2023.

Union savings in 2022 and 2023: Gold healthcare plans including dental and vision

Single Single + spouse Single + kids Family
$574.20 $2,467.32 $1,385.88 $4,075.56

Union savings in 2022 and 2023: Silver healthcare plans including dental and vision

Single Single + spouse Single + kids Family
$495.36 $1,410.36 $1,254.12 $3,513.96

You deserve more

HMS Host’s parent company, Autogrill, is owned by Italian billionaires through a holding company called Edizione, which had a net asset value of $12.5 billion in 2020.

Have you gotten rent relief?
During the pandemic, HMS Host has received rent relief and other valuable forms of aid while it has been negotiating with the workers.

  • Here in Phoenix, HMS Host saved $4.4 million in rent to the City of Phoenix between April 2020 and July 2021
  • HMS Host’s parent company, Autogrill, stated in its 2020 financial report that it managed to reduce its rent by almost $240 million throughout the company that year.

Are you working harder than you were when the pandemic started?

  • Staffing levels right now are 37.5% lower than before the pandemic
  • As of this August, sales for HMS Host at Sky Harbor were back up to 95% of what they were in August 2019. Sales for Terminal 3 actually went up 38%.