We declare our intent to join a public boycott of the Tommie and Thompson Hotels and associated restaurants and nightclubs, including Ka’teen, Mes Amis, Terrace , and Bar Lis. 

We are calling for a change at these properties. We believe many workers at the properties go above and beyond to ensure that the experiences of travelers, creatives, and high-profile guests are nothing short of amazing. Yet community members have met with workers from the hotels and restaurants who have shared stories of feeling disrespected and mistreated by their management and other representatives of the properties. Since the properties were put up for auction Tommie and Thompson have been embroiled in controversy as publicly aired disputes between business partners threaten to leave workers in limbo. 

UNITE HERE Local 11 also sent a letter to the owners and operator of the Tommie and Thompson Hotels in Hollywood alleging that the 5% service fee that was being charged by the hotels’ restaurants may violate LA’s service charge laws. The Los Angeles City Attorney is investigating whether the company that operated the hotel restaurants at the time of the allegations violated a city ordinance by allegedly keeping some or all of the 5% service fee it charged to customers instead of distributing it to workers.

We will not eat, sleep, drink, or celebrate in these venues until these issues are resolved.