UNITE HERE Local 11 Calls for Moratorium on All Development Deals in Light of FBI Corruption Allegations Around Angel Stadium Deal 

Anaheim Workers and Residents Claim Unchecked Power In City Hurts Families

Anaheim, CA:  The morning after UNITE HERE Local 11 called on the Anaheim City Council to vote to cancel the Angel Stadium deal in light of a recently revealed FBI investigation into alleged corruption by city leaders, dozens of their members, residents and allies called for a moratorium on all the city’s pending development deals.

Hospitality workers also shared how corruption and backroom dealing in Anaheim have hurt them, claiming that money interests have controlled the development process and politics for far too long. They say canceling the Angel Stadium deal was a starting point, but will keep fighting for more to be done.

“I fought to win district elections because I wanted my neighbors and I to have a voice on the issues that mattered to us most like affordable housing and good jobs. The way corruption and special interests have taken over that voice at city hall is disrespectful to us as workers and our democracy.” said Mercedes Rojas who works as a housekeeper and is a member of UNITE HERE Local 11.

“I was forced to move out of Orange County because I could no longer afford to live near where I worked. I lost my  job at the Honda Center in 2013, and had to work multiple jobs to try and make ends meet. No other workers and their families should have to go through this,” said Chris Smith, events server and member of UNITE HERE Local 11.

“The pattern is clear. The people of Anaheim deserve to know which other deals are infected. We need a moratorium on all pending development deals with the City of Anaheim,” said Ada Briceño, Co-President of UNITE HERE Local 11.